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12daysofxxxmas's Journal

The 12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge
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The 12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge

Not sure what to do with your Christmas holiday time? Want to give to others and receive for a week before Christmas time?

The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!

Since 2007

Your choice of fandom and pairing. A ficlet/drabble a day (no need to write epically, unless the plot deserves epicness), using the following as prompts:

14th - Food, nature, birds, festive/festivals
15th - Cute animals, love, loss, friendship
16th - Threesomes, international, languages
17th - Miscommunication, black, dark
18th - Marriage, gold, commitment
19th - Creating something, birth, breakfast
20th -
Water, swimming, ugly duckling, grace
21st - Milky substances, fantasy, in the country, white
22nd - Dancing, party, unity
23rd - Blatant gayness, history, control
24th - Horny, home improvement, smoking
25th - Rhythm, Drums, Christmas, reflection

They all fit in with the "12 Days of Christmas"!

Filth is encouraged, but not always necessary. And BONUS if you can stick in a holiday theme in your stories!

Do I need to stick with one pairing?
Nope! If you want to jump around and change pairings each day, go ahead!

When do I post each one?
Each prompt comes with a date to post, marked on the list.

I'm stuck on a few days for ideas, do I have to post something for every day?!
No, just post what you can. If there's only 3 days where you can really come up with something, just go with that! Better than nothing at all, right? ^_^

What are the rules?
1. Tag your entries (fandom, pairing, rating, and prompt)
2. A fics go behind an lj-cut or fake cut
3. Label it appropriately (Title, writer, pairing/fandom, rating, prompt)

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