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And again... four more fics.

Technically late now, because I just can't keep to a schedule apparently. This has my makeup for day 5, so now I'm missing day 9. :P Ah well.

Title: I'll Take Cate of You
Theme: commitment
Pairing: Mina/Maki from Airmaster
Rating: G
Warnings: some hurt/comfort
Summary: A pair of matching drabbles for a pair of devoted girls.

Read Airmaster fic: I'll Take Care of You

Title: Control
Theme: control
Pairing: implied Sasuke/Lee from Naruto
Rating: G
Warnings: drabble
Summary: As far as Sasuke is concerned, they only have one thing in common.

Read Naruto fic: Control

Title: Untouchable Things
Theme: smoke
Pairing: sort of Gieve/Darun/Arslan
Rating: PG
Warnings: touch of angst
Summary: Darun jealously guards someone he can never have, unaware that he is an unobtainable prize for someone else.

Read Arslan fic: Untouchable Things

Title: Cold Silk
Theme: reflect
Pairing: Wufei/Duo
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Set vaguely after the series. Wufei and Duo have their own little rituals when they get together.

Read Gundam Wing fic: Cold Silk

Four more fics!

Three new fics, and a makeup for day 3. Now I'm just missing day 5. Now if I can just finish my idea without falling behind...

Title: Playing Detective
Theme: threesomes
Pairing: Heiji/Kaito/Shinichi of Detective Conan
Rating: PG?
Warnings: kisses
Summary: Heiji finds himself dealing with a set of gorgeous doppelgangers, but which one is his Kudo?

Read Detective Conan fic: Playing Detective

Title: Sticky Situations
Theme: breakfast
Pairing: Kaiba/Honda of Yugioh
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: suggested sex
Summary: Kaiba is not a morning person. Honda tries to change that.

Read Yugioh fic: Sticky Situations

Title: Watered Down Truth
Theme: ugly duckling, water
Pairing: L/Matsuda
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: L has more distractions than usual, but at least Matsuda is not one of them.

Read Death Note fic: Watered Down Truth

Title: Snowy Fluff
Theme: white
Pairing: Ginji/Ban
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Ban sees no reason to join Ginji in the snow.

Read Getbackers fic: Snowy Fluff

Three fics for the first four days...

Is anyone else doing this challenge this year? I've been nervous to post since no one else has, but I might as well since I still enjoy doing this.

Title: The Peacock's Pride
Theme: nature, birds, food
Pairing: Sani/Komatsu of Toriko
Rating: G
Warnings: none, just yaoi hints
Summary: Sani has something to show Komatsu, and something he hopes to see in return.

Read Toriko fic: The Peacock's Pride

Title: Sanity, Scissors, and String
Theme: cute animals, friendship
Pairing: none, friendship fic for Abel and Jyrras of DMFA (webcomic)
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers up to some fairly current strips
Summary: What did Abel get up to while trapped in Jyrras's lab? With no one but his sleeping scientist for company (he hopes), Abel valiantly fights off boredom.

Read DMFA fic:Sanity, Scissors, and String

Title: Illusions
Theme: dark
Pairing: Hongou/Nanami from Tantei Gakuen Q
Rating: PG-13 or so?
Warnings: Suggested sex
Summary: Hongou wants to get through Nanami's disguises.

Read Tangei Gakuen Q fic: Illusions

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
12 drummers drumming
11 pipers piping
10 lords a leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a-miling
7 swans a-swimming
6 geese a-laying
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves

Prompt: Rhythm, Drums, Christmas, reflection

Once again, it's been a pleasure! This has to be my favourite year yet! I've found a new fandom to write for! And I'm not done yet! As always, feel free to catch up with the prompts as you like. Especially this last prompt, it could work for well into the new year, which is what I anticipate doing. Damn this working full time gig. Anyways, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy new year, happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Solstice, or whatever it might be that you're celebrating this winter season! We'll see you again in 2010!
Title: These Conflicting Feelings
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Pairing: Shoutarou/Phillip
Rating: R
Warnings: Boys touching. Have set the adult rating on the post.
Notes: The follow up to "Self Education". Spoilers for episode 14. Written for the 12daysofxxxmas day 11 prompt of horny. Don't kill me if you think the characterization is off. ~.~;;;

( "Phillip had just remained... silent" )

Day 11...

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
11 pipers piping
10 lords a-leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a-milking
7 swans a-swimming
6 geese a-laying
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree

Prompt: Horny, home improvement, smoking

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
10 lords a-leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a-miling
7 swans a-swimming
6 geese a-laying
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree~

Prompt:Blatant gayness, history, control

(I got it in on the day! GO ME!)

Combo post: days 7 and 8

Yet another combo post. Sorry again. >.< Well, this time they at least have the similar theme of involving bathtime! (Also in common: both turned out much longer, more involved, and definitely dirtier than I had planned. Not that these are bad things.)

Title: Desire, Once Realized...
Theme: Milk, fantasy
Pairing: Neji/Lee from Naruto
Warnings: Rated NC-17 for m/m sexy-times. My first fic for this challenge to really earn an "XXX" rating!
Summary: Lee thinks sharing a bath counts as a team bonding activity. Neji has another sort of bonding on his mind.

Link to Milk/fantasy: Naruto fic

Title: Bathwater and Brimstone
Theme: Water
Pairing: Xellos/Zelgadis from Slayers
Warnings: At least PG for yaoi and a bit of Xellos-style antics
Summary: Zelgadis shares a bath with Xellos. But who knows what the trickster priest really has in mind...

Link to Water: Slayers fic

Edit: It's not midnight here yet, but I just noticed the day nine post is up. *hides* I'm sorry! I'm still behind, it seems.


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a milking
7 swans a swimming
6 geese a laying
4 calling birds
3 french hens
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree!

Prompt:Dancing, party, unity


My apologies for forgetting to post day 8. ~.~;;;;
Title: Voulez-vous
Fandom: Tenimyu, Akishin (Yes, Akishin is his own fandom)
Rating: G
Prompt: Day 3: languages, international
Summary: Random chat among three jet setting myuboys. Akishin is epic.
Notes: tayles, don't think I've forgotten our plan to do a Choose Your Own adventure for these guys. Consider this another contribution to it. XD

( "You don't even speak French!" )


The 12 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge

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